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Welcome to Ray’s Concrete Lawn Ornaments

Ray’s Concrete was started in 1986, even though I actually started in 1978 when my wife and I got married. When people ask how I got started in the business, I say, “I got married”. Which always gets a laugh out of everybody.

We do a lot of shows, fairs and festivals in and around the area. Besides selling retail out of the yard and wholesale for anyone who wants to buy it and resell to their customers who do lawn maintenance or someone who just wants a side business. We do paint some of the items for retail sales only.

Ray’s Concrete Lawn Ornaments offers best in quality lawn ornaments that are made to last while using the highest quality cement and reinforce our larger ornaments with rebar.

Ray’s also offers over 250 different lawn ornaments in sizes from three inches to four feet.

For more information about our services, please fill out the contact form or call us at 715-410-8145